2D WCMT insert u drill


1,Using highly-strength special steel and surface strengthening process ,making higher strength and more wear-resistance .
2,The space of chip flute is much bigger ,the discharge is more smooth .
3,through the insert install the angle ,the insert which is cutting balance design ,cutting in low vibration ,the lathe main axia load is low ,cutting efficiency is high ,drilling precision and the surface finish are much better .
4,the series of big diameter U drill can be changed in different size of toolholder ,changed in the drilling diameter ,hel the users to cost saving substantially .
5.the new type of double helix internal cooling hole ,cooling and lubricating are much better and can drilling more deeper.

U drill WCMT Insert size details :
Drill Dia Shank Dia/ Length Insert Insert Screw Wrench D
14~19.5mm 25mm/56mm WCMT030208 M2.5*6 T8 2D



20~23.5mm 25mm/56mm WCMT040208 M2.5*6 T8
24~25.5mm 25mm/56mm WCMT050308 M3*7 T8
26~30.5mm 32mm/60mm WCMT050308 M3*7 T8
31~41.5mm 32mm/60mm WCMT060308 M3.5*8 T15
42mm 32mm/60mm WCMT080412 M4*10 T15
42.5~57.5mm 40mm/65mm WCMT080412 M4*10 T15
58~70.5mm 40mm/65mm WCMT06T308 M3.5*8 T15