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WB Carbide professionally produce Endmill ,carbide inserts ,toolholders and Non-standard carbide products ,WB has owned ISO9001 and OHSAS18001 certificates. WB (World Best)Carbide has 10 years manufacture experience , in the passed 10 years we exported to different countries ,offer many trade companies ,and for many industries, such as Machinery ,geology ,construction ,mining ,petroleum-chemistry,electrics and textiles and defense industry
WB Carbide Co.,Ltd
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Long end mill extra flute end mill
Super big end mill size Dia 32 Length 220mm , custom end mills 55HRC 6 flute end mill
5mm ball nose end mill 5mm bull nose end mill 5mm flat carbide end mill 5mm taper end mill
Hot carbide insert for sale in 2019 promotion
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Buy end Mills from China
WB Carbide sales carbide end mill to all of the world ,it including ball nose end mill ,bull nose en...