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carbide end mills for sale near me

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Update time : 2022-07-15 11:59:27
WB Carbide sells kinds of carbide end mills in China, our factory can produce 10000pcs for a day, and our carbide end mills are competitive price but also high quality. below is our hot sell for standard end mills, also have kinds of un-standard carbide end mill for sale.

Carbide ball nose end mills, we produce kinds of 45HRC 55HRC 60HRC 65HRC 68HRC,2 Flute, and 4 Flute

Carbide bull end mills, we produce 4 Flute  R0.5 R1 R1.5 R2.0

Flat end mill, 2F 3F 4F

Roughing end mills 3F 4F

Mini end mill  2F 4F
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